The show is a multimedia experience chock-full of perfectly synchronized lighting, video, and sound sequences that put the audience in the cockpit with the pilots.

Here’s Hoover

The Hoov is on the move! This rocking new musical has a big sound, a big heart, and a big lighting rig to match. We crammed a lot of show into a tiny little theatre downtown to bring President Herbert Hoover back in a souped-up version of Elvis’s 1968 comeback TV special.

Oh, Hello on Broadway

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney (in character as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland) led each audience full of comedy nerds and theatre dorks through a hilarious evening full of improv, razor sharp sketch comedy, audience interaction, and even some truly touching moments that provide a deeper glimpse into this lifelong friendship. It is not often that a lighting designer gets to write truly funny light cues. This was one of those rare opportunities.


The whale-oil lamps burned bright, filling the Melville Gallery with sea shanties and mythical tales of leviathan haunting forlorn sailors.

The Temple Bombing

In 1958, The Temple on Peachtree Street in Atlanta was bombed, presumably to further sow division in the midst of the Civil Rights struggle. Instead, the city came together with a newfound resolve in the face of hatred, paving the way for dramatic social change. This world premiere documentary theatre piece (created in associate with the Tony Award Winning Tectonic Theater Project) explores the people and the stories of that fateful event.