By: Trey Ellis and Ricardo Khan
Director: Ricardo Khan
Choreographer: Hope Clarke
Scenery by: Beowulf Boritt
Costumes by: Toni-Leslie James
Sound by: John Gromada
Video by: Clint Allen
The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
Virginia Browning Theatre
St. Louis, MO
October, 2013

In this fast-paced piece of action theatre, we follow the Tuskegee Airmen from their base in Alabama to their soaring feats of courage and bravery in World War II. All along the way, a tap dancing “griot” (or story-teller) says through emotional tap improvisation what the airmen cannot vocalize. The show is a multimedia experience chock-full of perfectly synchronized lighting, video, and sound sequences that put the audience in the cockpit with the pilots. As gushed in its review, the production is “a modern masterpiece … and the technical achievements are spectacular. [It is] one of the most amazing examples of “action” theatre that I’ve had the privilege to witness.”